BARS Executive Meeting, 21 Feb 2015

Worcester College, Oxford

Worcester College, Oxford

The BARS Executive Committee met in the historic location of Worcester College, Oxford on 21 February. A key topic during the four-hour meeting was, naturally, the conference.

The main discussion points focused on the high quantity of excellent papers we’ve received in response to our Call for Papers, and we made some important decisions about the next steps for sifting through the submissions in the coming month. This also led us to finalise the programme structure for the four days, and a final draft is being circulated to the Exec members so that we can upload this onto the conference site very shortly. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible, bringing together both established and new members, while balancing the evident interest in and enthusiasm for the conference with a schedule that delegates can feel is enjoyable and stimulating.

Other matters covered were the excursion (details to follow), events and entertainments, and accommodation.

Things are rolling forward nicely, and in the coming weeks there’ll be a number of updates with regard to these matters, so do keep on returning to the conference site for more information.


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