Download full Panel descriptions  (PDF)

Download full Panel descriptions (PDF)

Below you find a list of both Open and Themed Panels that have already been accepted for the conference, arranged by convener. Themed panels are closed sessions with named speakers, and details have been included here for the convenience of those wishing to avoid overlaps or to note connections when proposing individual papers. You can also submit proposals for individual papers that you wish to be considered for inclusion by the conference committee and panel convenors.

Download a detailed listing of Open and Themed Panels by clicking on the thumbnail (includes panel rationales and convenors’ contact details).

Open Panels

  • Stephen Bygrave (Southampton)The Imprint of Religion in Natural Philosophy
  • Daniel Cook (Dundee)Scottish Romanticism in Print and Manuscript (sponsored by The Centre for Scottish Culture, Dundee)
  • Oscar Cox Jensen & James Grande (KCL)Romantic Imprints: Music, Performance & Print
  • Susan Matthews & Mary Shannon (Roehampton)The Imprint of Romantic Illustration (sponsored by Romantic Illustration Network)
  • Ian Newman (Notre Dame)Radical Speech and the Culture of Print (sponsored by John Thelwall Society)
  • Brian Rejack (Illinois State) & Michael Theune (Illinois Wesleyan)Two Hundred Years of Being in Uncertainties
  • Matt Sangster (Birmingham)Digital Communications Roundtable
  • Maximiliaan van Woudenberg (Sheridan Institute)Romantic Afterlives and Visual Cultures
  • Maximiliaan van Woudenberg (Sheridan Institute)Digitising Romanticism or Digital Romantics?
  • Nicola Watson (Open University)Print and its Others

Themed Panels

  • Philip Aherne (KCL), with Anna Mercer (York) & Jo Taylor (Keele)Coleridge’s Afterlives
  • Jennie Batchelor (Kent), with Jenny DiPlacidi (Kent) & Koenraad Claes (Kent)Situating ‘The Ladies’ Magazine’ (1770–1818) in Romantic Print Culture (chaired by Gillian Dow, Chawton/Southampton)
  • Bill Bell (Cardiff), with Benjamin Colbert (Wolverhampton) & Barbara Schaffer (Göttingen)Romantic Travel Networks
  • Luisa Calè (Birkbeck), with Mark Crosby (Kansas State)Morton Paley (Berkeley)Blake’s Books
  • Gerry Carruthers (Glasgow), with Rhona Brown (Glasgow)Murray Pittock (Glasgow)Robert Burns in the 21st Century
  • James Castell (Cardiff), with Ruth Abbott (Cambridge) & Ewan Jones (Cambridge)Wordsworth
  • Mary-Anne Constantine (CAWCS, Wales), Liz Edwards (CAWCS, Wales) & Nigel Leask (Glasgow), From Footprints to Imprints: Curious Travellers in Wales and Scotland (chaired by Harriet Guest, York)
  • Daniel Cook (Dundee)Teaching Romanticism: A Roundtable Discussion (sponsored by Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780–1840)
  • Jeff Cowton (Wordsworth Trust), with Ruth Abbott (Cambridge), Nick Mason (Brigham Young) Beatrice Turner (Newcastle), Reading Romantic Manuscripts (chaired by Michael Rossington, Newcastle)
  • Lilla Maria Crisafulli (Bologna), with Gioia Angeletti (Parma), Serena Baiesi (Bologna), Franca Dellarosa (Bari), Carlotta Farese (Bologna)Fabio Liberto (Bologna) Elena Spandri (Siena)Imprinting Anglo-Italian Relations in ‘The Liberal’, I & II (sponsored by Inter-Universitary Centre for Romantic Studies, Italy)
  • Richard De Ritter (Leeds), with Rebecca Davies (Edinburgh) & Alys Mostyn (Leeds/North Lyndsey College)Minds like White Paper: The Imprint of Education.
  • Ian Haywood (Roehampton), with Alicia Laspra (Oviedo), Sara Medina Calzada (Valladolid) & Susan Valladares (Oxford)Britain and Spain: Intertextual Imprints, 1808–1823
  • Ian Haywood (Roehampton), with Agustin Coletes Blanco (Oviedo) & Diego Saglia (Parma)Spain after Napoleon: Freedom, Revolution, Tyranny
  • Kazuko Hisamori (Ferris, Kanagawa), with Tomoko Nakagawa (Sacred Heart, Tokyo) & Michiko Soya (Kobe Kaisei, Hyogo)Romantic Metaphor in Print, Drawing, Painting and Literature: C. D. Friedrich’s Ties to Mary Shelley, Anne Brontë and Kobayashi Kiyochika
  • Felicity James (Leicester), with Gregory Dart (UCL), Tom Lockwood (Birmingham) & Samantha Matthews (Bristol)Editing Charles and Mary Lamb: The New Collected Works
  • Freya Johnston (Oxford), with Stephanie Dumke (Edinburgh), Fiona Robertson (St Mary’s) & Damian Walford Davies (Cardiff)Editing Peacock
  • Bridget Keegan (Creighton, chair), with John Goodridge (Nottingham Trent), Steve Van Hagen (Edge Hill), Simon Kövesi (Oxford Brookes), Roz Parr (Creighton) & Charlotte Spires (Creighton)Exploring and Expanding the Archive of Labouring-Class Print Culture
  • Jacqueline Labbe (Sheffield), with Michael Gamer (Pennsylvania) & Deidre Shauna Lynch (Harvard)The Romantic Trace
  • Alison Lumsden (Aberdeen) & Ainsley McIntosh (Aberdeen)Editing Walter Scott’s Poetry
  • Tom Mole (Edinburgh) & David Duff (Aberdeen), with John Strachan (Bath Spa), Publishing Romanticism
  • Ian Newman (Notre Dame), Brian Rejack (Illinois State) & Kate Singer (Mount Holyoke)Disruptive Romantic History and Technologies of Mediation
  • Eliza O’Brien (Newcastle), with Helen Stark (Edinburgh) & Beatrice Turner (Newcastle)Rethinking William Godwin’s ‘Doubtful Immortality’: History, Family, Nation
  • Emily Rohrbach (Northwestern), with Lily Gurton-Wachter (Missouri) & Tristram Wolff (Northwestern)The Imprint of Time, the Temporality of Print
  • Yael Shapira (Bar-Ilan), with Elizabeth Neiman (Maine) & Hannah Doherty Hudson (Texas at San Antonio)‘Those Ever-Multiplying Authors’: The Minerva Press and the Romantic Marketplace (chaired by Jennie Batchelor, Kent)
  • Sarah Sharp (Edinburgh), with Lucy Linforth (Edinburgh) & Brian Wall (Edinburgh)Scottish Romanticism in Context