BARS 2015 Delegate Help Sheet Available

You can download an electronic copy of the Delegate Help Sheet that we’ve prepared for your conference packs.

The Help Sheet carries information about Local Amenities, Healthcare, Travel and Places to Eat and Drink.

You can download it here.


BARS Programme (v1.0) now live

You can now download the first draft version of the BARS 2015 conference programme (v1.0).

Many thanks for your patience over the last few weeks, while we have been finishing off the conference programme.

As you can imagine, it’s been no simple task, given the number of speakers and panels we have been dealing with (over 65 panels!).

In putting together the programme, we have endeavoured to avoid clashes or overlaps between similarly themed papers, so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out. Of course, with a conference this large, you’ll see that there are around seven panels in each of the nine parallel sessions, but this is a necessary evil of such a large conference.

As more relevant information comes our way, we’ll be updating the programme. Of course, we’ll keep you updated about any revisions, and we’ll let you know exactly what those revisions comprise.

Anyway, we’re hope you’re happy with the programme and how we’ve arranged things. We both think it’s a fantastic one, with four days of exciting, intriguing and illuminating talks. We’re also really looking forward to hearing your papers ourselves (well, as many as we can find time to attend) and to seeing you in person in six weeks’ time.

Registration live (and other updates)

Following on from yesterday’s post, we’re delighted to announce that registration is now live. You can download the forms, and find out more information about the registration costs, here.

We’ve also updated information about the conference banquet, so you can find fuller details about the menu here.

For those of you who wish to book campus accommodation, we’re just awaiting the link from Accommodation Services, at which point we’ll announce the appropriate details. Yesterday, we also provided a listing of other suggested accommodation. Don’t forget to mention you’re attending a Cardiff University conference in order to secure the best deals available!

BARS 2015: April update

Registration forms will be available to complete and submit on 21 April 2015. In the meanwhile, we’ve provided a number of conference updates:

  • A provisional timetable for the conference is now online, so you can see the timings.
  • We have details of the conference registration and events costs.
  • You can find out further information about accommodation, including details of budget accommodation and our preferential hotel rate.

Cardiff University’s Accommodation Services will shortly be releasing the booking details for budget accommodation, which has been costed at under £30/night including breakfast. We’ll alert delegates to this as soon as we hear back from them.

We’re also making our way through the submissions and organising papers into suitable panels. Again, we’ll keep you posted in  the coming weeks as soon as these have been sorted.

Conference excursion confirmed: Tintern Abbey

Tintern Abbey (1840)

Tintern Abbey (1840)

We’re delighted to be in a position to confirm fuller details of the conference excursion, which will be taking place at Tintern Abbey.

Sitting in the border county of Monmouthshire, the Abbey was founded in village of Tintern during the 12th century by the Lord of Chepstow, Walter de Clare. A busy Cistercian religious institution enjoyed significant attention during subsequent centuries, homing Edward II during a short visit, as well as being located near strategic locations during the Welsh Uprising of the early 15th century. When the monasteries were dissolved by Henry VIII, Tintern Abbey passed into the hands of the Lord of Chepstow, Henry Somerset in 1536, after which the building and its estates fell into decline.

Turner Tintern (1794)

J M W Turner, The Chancel and Crossing of Tintern Abbey, Looking towards the East Window (1794)

Over the succeeding centuries, the ruin and the nearby Wye Valley has been the focus of various literary and cultural tourists, not least William Gilpin’s Picturesque Tour of 1782, and perhaps most famously the Abbey was immortalised in the Wordsworth’s ‘Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey’ (1798). Interest in the ruin continued beyond the Romantic period, with the location forming the focus of poetry by writers as diverse as Tennyson and Ginsberg.

The Abbey is around an hour’s coach journey away from the conference venue, and we’re planning an exciting series of talks and presentations at the location, about which we’ll be posting updates in the coming months. Arrangements for the excursion will be overseen by Dr Jamie Castell, Lecturer in Romanticism at Cardiff University.

BARS Executive Meeting, 21 Feb 2015

Worcester College, Oxford

Worcester College, Oxford

The BARS Executive Committee met in the historic location of Worcester College, Oxford on 21 February. A key topic during the four-hour meeting was, naturally, the conference.

The main discussion points focused on the high quantity of excellent papers we’ve received in response to our Call for Papers, and we made some important decisions about the next steps for sifting through the submissions in the coming month. This also led us to finalise the programme structure for the four days, and a final draft is being circulated to the Exec members so that we can upload this onto the conference site very shortly. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible, bringing together both established and new members, while balancing the evident interest in and enthusiasm for the conference with a schedule that delegates can feel is enjoyable and stimulating.

Other matters covered were the excursion (details to follow), events and entertainments, and accommodation.

Things are rolling forward nicely, and in the coming weeks there’ll be a number of updates with regard to these matters, so do keep on returning to the conference site for more information.

Welcome to Romantic Imprints

Welcome to the blog section of the Romantic Imprints site.

In the lead-up to the conference, the blog will keep delegates updated when new information is added to the site regarding the programme, registration and other aspects of the conference. Keep checking back for new updates.

We’ll also share any developments or other items of interest that occur during the preparation for the main event.

Once the conference is underway, we’ll continue to use the blog as a record of the event, both for delegates and those who are unable to attend.

After the event, the blog will not only serve as a record of Romantic Imprints, but we’ll also keep delegates updated about the conference legacy, in the form of plans for future publications and events.